Success Stories

Testimonials From Clients

Eric Boles from F45 Training Charlestown

 “I worked with Creighan Contracts and I have to say I’m absolutely delighted with the work that’s been carried out here over the last number of weeks.”

Brendan Spratt from F45 George Street

What I love about Creighan Contracts is that they always have a solution
to any problems, they’re great to work with, get the job done and since opening
have been there for us when we needed support.” 

Read more about how we worked with Brendan at F45 George’s Street here.

ETB Testimonials

Niall McCarra from Cavan Monaghan ETB

“I found Creighan Contracts to be very efficient and effective in delivery of the project to a very high standard. They made the project very easy and they also made it fun along the way.”

Urban Vets fitout Creighan Contracts

Donal Cape and Colm DeBarra, Urban Vets

“The most impressive aspect of our experience with Creighan Contracts was the high level of communication and clarity of planning. Honest and dependable, we would highly recommend Creighan Contracts.”