What is involved in the fit-out process?

What is involved in the fit-out process?

In this article we are going back to basics on all things fit out. The fit-out process generally takes place in three stages – shell and core, Cat A and Cat B. 

 What is a Shell and Core Fit-Out? 

Shell and core fit-out refers to work done to the shell or basic structure of the building. A shell and core fit-out basically provides a blank canvas on which everything is placed, allowing for versatility and flexibility for installing machinery and equipment. For this reason, it is a popular option for clients who wish to deal with the finishing and design themselves to suit their own specific needs. 

 Shell and core fit-out generally involves installing basic elements such as stairwells, lifts and toilets, as well as common areas such as receptions and lobbies. Basic components such as lighting or air conditioning are not included in a shell and core fit-out. Following this stage, the space is ready for the Cat A and Cat B phases which make the space ready for occupation. 

 What is the difference between Category A and Category B Fit-Out? 

While it can vary between developers, Category A and B fit-out generally refer to the level of fit-out carried out in a building.  

Cat A is a step up from shell and core, providing a fully functional but empty space with basic installations. There are no fixtures or fittings, these are added later in the Category B fit-out.   

Typically, a Category A fit-out includes  

  • raised floors and suspended ceilings 
  • basic mechanical and electrical services 
  • fire detection and protection services  
  • internal surface finishes 
  • air conditioning  

Category B fit-out is the final stage, involving decoration and finishing tailored to the tenants. A bespoke design will include corporate identity, communications, technology, departmental layout, client experience elements and staff facilities.  

Typically, a Category B fit-out includes  

  • partitioning 
  • joinery 
  • flooring 
  • meeting and conference rooms  
  • lighting  
  • acoustic treatments 
  • furniture 
  • branding  

What is a turnkey fit-out? 

Turnkey interior fit-out is carried out by the landlord without the involvement of the tenant. Here the landlord provides the tenant with a fully fitted out space which is ready for occupation.  

A turnkey office design and fit out involves everything required to create a fully functioning office from scratch. From the initial shell and core and Cat A fit out which deals with the building structure, communal parts and the shell of the office to the Cat B fit out which includes design, decorating and furnishings. 

The benefits of a turnkey office design and fit out are: 

  • All services provided by one supplier 
  • One point of contact for project enquiries and invoicing 
  • Consistency in service & workmanship 
  • Quicker turnaround 
  • Lower total cost 

 Your Fit-Out Contractor 

The fitout process involves a lot of steps, which can vary from project to project. An experienced fitout contractor can guide you through each stage as required for your project. Here at Creighan Contracts, we lead each project, provide expert services, and plan for risks so that we complete on time and on budget.  

To see how your project can benefit from Creighan Contract’s expertise, check out some of our recent projects here.